Quickly hitting board limits

Hi! I’m a new user and I’m quickly hitting board limits. My understanding is that the board is supposed to be infinite. There must be a setting I need to change but I can find anything.

Infinite in the sense of being capable of exceeding the dimensions of the known universe? Probably not… As a colloquial term that distinguishes between programs that require you to set a defined “canvas size” and then either work within it or manually change its size, or having the canvas grow as you use it—yes. It does have effective limits though, particularly in that you will reach a point where zoom doesn’t zoom out far enough to see everything.

Scapple’s canvas expands a little beyond the area where you have placed notes. So if you add a note as far into the upper left area of the canvas as you can put your mouse cursor, you’ll then be able to add/drag notes a little beyond even that.

You can’t just scroll around in the blank expanse beyond where you’ve created notes.

I mean I’m hitting borders that I can’t go beyond. I can put a new note right on the edge but there is no space beyond it. Here is a screenshot of what is happening at the top. I guess I can move all my notes to the middle of the board as it currently exists but it doesn’t seem like I should have to. When you zoom out all the way, is what you see the limit of board size?

Oh, yeah, I did forget to mention that resizing happens more in the rightward and downward directions. Scapple is intentionally a bit biased about the top left being the absolute top left. You’re supposed to expand down and right, not up and left. It was a design decision, I don’t really have any way of explaining it otherwise.

That’s the only way to do it, so in this case, it is what you have to do.

No, but that’s what I meant by it being an effective limit. You can make a board that is larger than what you can zoom out on, but you’ll always have to scroll around to see it all. I’m sure the actual numerical limit is far beyond where anyone would find the actual result to be functionally useful. Numbers can be very big in 64-bit programs.

Thanks! I’m glad for the confirmation. It’s a great program and I’m loving it.