Quickly shift between multiple parts of the binder?

there are several different section of a large binder that I keep shifting between. I find it tedious to scroll down and up every time I want to switch.

I’m not working with the text in a particular document… I have a series of documents in each relevant folder and I want to be able to run through those lists easily.

So it’s not as easy as opening a Quick Reference folder. And as far as I know, you can’t open sections of a binder in another window or tab, right?

So is there some other solution?

Collections. You could create a collection, add certain documents (and/or folders) to it, and load this collection into the (second) editor. In Scrivenings view, they will appear as “one document” in this editor.

(In the Scrivener manual → 10.2 “Using Collections”)


You can split the Editor, and navigate in each half completely independently.

You can also use Bookmarks to facilitate jumping between the sections.

If you like, you can also use the Bookmarks pane as a kind of mini-Binder for a Quick Reference pane (or panes).

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Here is a write-up of further tips on more efficiently jumping between frequently used items. This focuses mainly on the History feature, where each split records what you navigate to, much like how a web browser works. But it also touches on using Project Bookmarks to make it much easier to “favourite” areas you frequently navigate to.

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