quick'n'easy export

Shift-Cmd-E exports all items selected in the binder as single files. But before the export, the user is asked for a new folder where to put the files. Is it somehow possible to export the files to an existing folder?

And a related question: If I mark a couple of scrivenings and use Edit Scrivenings to edit them all at once, is there a quick way to export just those choosen as a single, combined file?


I don’t think there is, but keep in mind, you can easily just copy and paste out of the Edit Scrivenings window, into something like TextEdit. I doubt it would take any longer to do that then some sort of specialised export function.

This has been discussed before, here, and I for one hope it’s implemented in the future. I haven’t run into that as a limitation myself, but I can see the utility and I can see myself possibly making use of it if it’s there :slight_smile:

For something like that, it will be 2.0 at the earliest.