QuickRef change default font size

Does anybody know how to change the QuickRef default font size so when you open up multiple QuickRef panels they will have this default size?

I am using an iMac with the below specifications using Scrivener Mac Version 2.7.1 (26120).

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at

The default text zoom option in the top-right corner of the Editor preference pane will set the default zoom factor for both the main editors (in new projects) and QR panels (you’ll need to reload the project to reset the zoom settings for any documents already opened as QR panels during that session).

Nice idea to have a graphic with your system vitals like that. :slight_smile:

Thanks, this worked 'Scrivener > Preferences > Editor > Default text zoom: 200%" after I made a change on '‘Scrivener > Preferences > Editor > Default editor width: 700 px Use Current’ while in full-screen mode which changed automatically to '‘Scrivener > Preferences > Editor > Default editor width: 2057 px Use Current’ per the below screenshot and now I get readable text in all the QuickRef panes at least for all the text going through the tutorial, except for the PDF which is really small so did a manual zoom ‘View > Zoom > Zoom In’.

Yes this setting only works for text editors. PDF, images and other resources will not be zoomed by this setting.