QuickRef pane disappears

I’m going through the tutorial, and have discovered that the QuickReference pane, which I generally find a bit of a pain because you invoke it and then it disappears when you click into your main document to continue writing, is meant to stay in view. Is there a preference somewhere that enables this?

At the moment, I click QuickReference and the document or image I choose appears, then as soon as I start writing in the main editor pane again, the QuickReference document or image disappears again.

Window > Float QuickReference Panels is what you are after. The tutorial has been updated to mention this.

Ah, thanks, grand.

Are there a lot of changes to the tutorial, Keith? I don’t want to start again on a new one, because I’ve been highlighting useful stuff for myself in the current one. I just invoked this one through the Help menu in the latest Scrivener for Mac…

No, there aren’t too many changes - only minor tweaks, and where you’re steered wrong by an older section of the tutorial, you can always ask here. :slight_smile: