QuickReference key board shortcut


Is there a keyboard shortcut for ‘Open as QuickReference’? If not, is it possible to set one up in Keyboard shortcut prefs?

There’re are several cheat sheets available on the net. I find this one beautiful:


I’ve been using a general purpose app that shows you context-aware keyboard short-cuts for any app:


Hope this helps!


The spacebar opens the selected file (or files, if you have more than one selected at the same time) as QR.

Spacebar! So simple, and right under my nose.

That app looks interesting too.


Thanks fellers.

If you do still wish to do this, the menu command for that is Documents/Open/as QuickReference (so “as QuickReference” is good enough as an identifier). The advantage of that command over the spacebar is that it will also work from the main editor. Thus if you ever find yourself wanting to “tear off” the text you are working on so you can use the main editor for something else, it may still be handy to use a custom shortcut in Keyboard preferences.

While on the spacebar, if you would prefer Scrivener work that way as well in the Corkboard and Outliner views, for selected cards, you can set that up in the Navigation preference pane, under Corkboard and Outliner Space Key Behavior.

Very nice. Thanks. Can use that too.

Hey, thanks for the link. I don’t know how much longer Dashboard will be with Mac, but I love that widget!