QuickReference Panel Font Size

What an amazing product! I thought Scrivener 1.0 was terrific, but 2.0 is fantastic. It is remarkable how quickly many of the new features have become incorporated into my use of the program.

One quick question, and my apologies if it has already been addressed in the manual or asked in earlier forum posts. I did search around for the answer elsewhere, before posting. Can the QuickReference Panel font size be adjusted? My eyes just aren’t what they used to be, and I would like to be able to increase the font size a bit. For various reasons, I am guessing it is not adjustable, but thought I would ask in case I overlooked it.

Thanks for this remarkable upgrade!




Which part of the panel do you mean? Some aspects can be adjusted, others just use standard system settings, so it depends what you are after.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Sorry that I was not clear the first time. You have so much going on, the thought that you are reading this topic twice makes me cringe!

Maybe this question is better: Is there a way to “magnify” or “scale” for display purposes, the text content portion of the QuickReference Panel?

In the main editor window, I usually work with the text magnified by setting the percentage on the footer to 125% to 150%. (Yes, my vision is not so great.)

If I click on a text file in the Binder and hit the space bar, the QuickReference panel opens and displays the contents of that file in a separate black framed window. The text display in the contents area of the QuickReference panel apparently does not pick up the magnified percentage from the Main Editor Window of the interface, so, on-screen, the text in the QuickReference panel appears smaller than the font in the Main Window editor. Hence my question: Is there a way to “magnify” or “scale” for display purposes, the text content portion of the QuickReference Panel?

I have discovered that if I increase the actual size of the font used for text in the main editor window, rather than specifying a percentage in the footer, the text size in the QuickReference panel (contents section) scales accordingly. That is one solution. But it means that I have to pick an unusually large font for my documents.

Thanks so much for your earlier quick response. If my question is still unclear, don’t worry about it. It is no big deal. I’ll just get stronger pair of reading glasses! :smiley:

And I do not think I can stress it enough–Version 2 is, as my young daughter would say, “AWESOME!”

Ah, I see what you mean. No, sorry, there’s no way of doing that at the moment, but I think that’s an oversight on my part as that would be useful. I’ve added it to the list of refinements to make in the coming weeks.


Did you end up doing this? Just was wondering this myself and couldn’t find anything in the manual. Thanks, David.

Oh I see. You did do it…i.e., the QR panel mimics the magnification of the doc. I was thinking they could magnify independently. But this works.

No, it’s not quite like that either. But could that be 'cause I’m using an external monitor? OK, how is it supposed to work. And is that in the manual?

I’m using v2.2, and on my screen the magnification in the QR window does not match that in the document. It would be great if it did.


You can use the View > Zoom controls (Cmd-> and Cmd-<) to zoom in or out in a QR window. Each document opened in a QR window remembers its zoom settings in the QR, independent of the zoom set for each of the split editors (or for composition mode).

CMD-SHIFT-> solved my problem.