QuickReference Panel - hide footer and typewriter scrolling


Brand new to Scrivener. I’m actually not a writer but a PhD student in biology desperately looking for a tool to organize notes for the hundreds of PDFs I need to read for my research. The research organization available with scrivener is just about perfect and once I actually start writing my thesis I’m sure it will come in handy there too :slight_smile:

I find the quickreference panel to be an excellent way to take notes of pdfs opened in another program (I intend to keep using papers for pdf organization due to its specialized handling of scientific meta-data). However I was a little disappointed to see that the quickreference panel isn’t as customizable as the editor (which is amazing)

Being able to hide the footer (since I’m taking notes I don’t need to worry about word counts) would give me that much more space for focusing on my notes when in quickreference view. But I can’t seem to select this option when I am using a quickreference window…

The more important option is the ability to enable typewriter scrolling. So my cursor isn’t always at the bottom of my screen when I am trying to write. Again this is something that is readily available in the editor so I thought it wouldn’t be too much trouble to have feature parity in the quickreference window.

My solution right now is having a custom layout of the main scrivner window squished as small as it can go to the right side of my screen with these options enabled. But then I can only have one instance of a note instead of multiple.

Just so you get an idea of how I envision using the quickreference panel here is a screen shot of what I do now:

What the quickreference panel looks like:

And this is what I’d like it to look like:

Thank you for a wonderful program :slight_smile:

Woops! just figured out typewriter scrolling but being able to disable the footer would still be nice :slight_smile:

I would like to do that as well - having clean, text-only Quick Reference windows.

  • It’s easy to hide the formatting bar :
  • And to hide the word count : Preferences/Editing/Live count shows : uncheck word)

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to hide the header and its view option, nor the footer and its bookmarks/label/status buttons.