QuickReference Panels Disappear

When you give focus to another application, QuickReference panels, even if they are floating, and even if they are on an unobstructed portion of the screen, disappear.

I noticed this as I was calculating the age of a character by using my Mac’s calculator to subtract his birth year (which I had noted on a page in my research folder, which was currently floating on a QuickReference window) from the current year in my scene. When I opened the calculator, the QuickReference window disappeared.

It would be nice for that not to happen.

Actually the condition here is that if they are floating they will definitely disappear, because is just how floating panels are supposed to work on a Mac. If you do not want them to disappear, then you should disable the floating option in the Window menu.

That’s too bad. It would be nice to have my cake and eat it too. Or, in this case, to make my panels float, so they’re not hidden by Scrivener, but also have them available if I want to give another application focus. But I can live with it.