Quickreference panes show text in page layout mode

Hi, yesterday I installed Lion and updated Scrivener. I noticed that when I open a document in a quickreference window text appears in page layout mode, even with wrap mode active in the main editor. Quickreference panes also show text at 150%, when the main editor is at 100%. Is this the expected behavior?


The first time a QR panel is opened in 2.1, it will use the defaults as set up in the “Editor” pane of the preferences for the regular editor. So if that is set to use page layout mode in new projects, then your QR panels will use page layout; if the default zoom is set to 150%, then QR panels will use that. Once you change the settings in the QR panel, they will be remembered for the next session (that may depend on ticking “Reopen QuickReference panels…” in the General pane of the preferences - I can’t remember offhand).

Hope that helps.

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Ok, now I got it. Thank you very much for your quick answer!