Quicktime Keyboard Shortcut Question

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I just started using Scrivener this week and I’m slowly getting used to it - big change to my workflow but I think it has enormous potential to improve my productivity. Anyway, I have a question about controlling the flow of a Quicktime recording when transcribing in split-screen mode. Cmd-enter works great for pause and play, but is there a keyboard shortcut for rewind and fast-forward?




If you look under the View > QuickTime menu, you will see that there are shortcuts for Step Forward and Step Backward, too (alt-cmd-{ and alt-cmd-}). Unfortunately these are very slow (something like one frame at a time), but this is built-in to QuickTime and I can’t change it. Hope it helps somewhat, though.


Thanks Keith. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I thought I’d checked through the menus, but must have missed them.

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Does anyone know if there is a hack documented somewhere to change QT’s default for Step Forward and Step Back? I’d be willing to edit a plist if that’s what it took to make these a more usable interval.

Even as is, having the ability to transcribe interviews in Scrivener is terrific for a journalist.