QuickTime Player's screen recorder delays file import

This is weird.

Using QuickTime Player to screen-record importing the .doc version of a novel into a Fiction / Novel template’s Manuscript folder is dramatically slowing the file import process. Here’s a breakdown:

-I’m running Scrivener 2.3.5 (20702). Java’s 2012-006, updated about a week ago.
-I’m attempting to film the importation of 27 individually-stored chapters into the Manuscript folder of the Fiction / Novel template. These chapters are Word .docs.
-When I’m NOT running the QuickTime Player’s screen recorder, importing these 27 .docs takes approximately 20-30 seconds.
-When I AM running the QuickTime Player’s screen recorder, I’ve let the process run for as long as four minutes before killing it. In that time the process doesn’t get beyond the initial barber-pole-ish status bar. It never gets to the import counter.
-It seems like it takes the importer app a lot longer to start up when the recorder is running – the Java icon doesn’t appear in the Dock for quite a while.

So what could possibly be going on? If it’s helpful I can record a screen capture and send it to you, but it’ll be pretty big…