Quirky Export

I had created a folder for one of my chapters. Beneath the folder there were 6 documents. I selected the folder in the Project browser I selected the folder and exported to RTF. I received the confirmation message 7 times. When I looked at the folder, it had exported each section into it’s own document and created a blank document for the folder name.

I suppose this is the difference between “compiling draft” and exporting, I was expecting everything to be in one document. Either way, it didn’t need to create a blank file for the folder and it didn’t need to give a confirmation message for each piece. If I had exported my entire project, I could have gotten 40 or 50 confirmations.

Windows XP - current service packs
Scrivener Beta 1.6

I had essentially the same problem when exporting to .odf. I ended up restarting the computer in order to get away from the confirm window.