Quirky Spellcheck

The spellcheck (or at least the red underlining that I take to be spellcheck) seems to have a mind of its own. It misses typos like “becuase” entirely but underlines across words like “brother said” (where “ther sa’” is underlined). Also, contractions like “can’t”, “didn’t”, etc. regularly get underlined to the point where I now just pretty much ignore the spellcheck feature (which is really too bad because I’m not the best speller, and I’m used to using spellcheck features in programs like MS Word without difficulty).

Is there anyway to add words to any sort of Accepted Spellings list already recognized by Scrivener? I have a character with an uncommon name that also has an alternative spelling which I’d love to add so that I don’t have to see even more red underlining on my screen.

There are a few other quirky things going on with my beta download, but I don’t know what to attribute them to (i.e. my not knowing how to use Scrivener properly, or a problem with the application itself). I’ve watched the video on using the basic features, but a couple of basic features don’t seem to function quite as point-n-click for me as demonstrated in the video.

But no matter. I appreciate the step-up in organizing my writing that Scrivener offers over apps like Word. I imagine I’ll get it when the Windows version is launched, but I am hoping a few additional bugs are worked out.

Thanks very much for creating a Windows version.

Yeay! Just answered my own question about adding words to any sort of accepted spellings list. Other spellcheck issues remain though.

With the spellcheck issues you describe, it sounds like you are using one of the early versions of the beta. Have you downloaded and installed version 1.3 yet? It should fix those issues: bit.ly/d55amz

If you’ve already done that then let us know… Thanks

Thanks very much. I didn’t know updates had been done just a few days after the version I downloaded!

It’s not that the spell check is quirky, but that my fingers often are dyslexic and type the letters in the wrong order. With the auto-correct version in Word, simple words that I reverse such as teh becomes the automatically. Is it possible? or did I miss something in the instructions that tell me how to do it?

Regardless, I’m loving Scrivener.