Quits on BigSur

I got a new Macbook Air that runs OS Big Sur. I transferred all files from the old Macbook Air, and Scrivener seems to be the only app that will not open. (The message I get is ‘do you want to reopen its windows again’. Then it fails to open. I am fairly sure I bought a new version of Scrivener in Sept or Oct. of 2020 but there is not a record of it on the App Store either. I can see the content I was writing on the backup drive. Thanks for your help in advance.

Probably you need to install our Big Sur compatibility update, which you can download here:

Since this is a new machine, you’ll probably also need to register your copy. You can retrieve your license key here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … -it-back-2


thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile: . I downloaded a new software copy in my applications folder and I guess it deleted the previous version. Meanwhile, I checked my email and noted that I had purchased the software directly from you in Nov. 2020 and the license was current. I was so happy to get the files back.