Quitter + Scrivener

Having returned to Scrivener, at long last, after a couple of years using Ulysses, I encountered only one small hiccup: the Don’t Open A Project on Two Machines issue. Given that I work on two computers, one at home and one in my office, and given that I sometimes walk away from one or the other machine intending (then forgetting) to come back, I found this a little irritating.

Then I remembered a little app called Quitter, made by Marco Arment, the guy behind Overcast and Instapaper. All Quitter does is automatically quit a given application after a prescribed period of inactivity. It takes a couple of seconds to set up, and it works like a charm. I set Quitter to close Scrivener after half an hour of non-use, and now the two-machines thing is a non-issue.

You can download Quitter at https://marco.org/apps and it’s free. Highly recommended.


P.S. Keith, just wanted to say congrats on the iOS app! It’s so good, I’m thinking about selling my Macbook and going with iPad Pro as my main computer! Thanks so much for the hard work! Happy to be home.


how the heck are you?

Here we go again! :open_mouth: Scriv’s decks’ll be awash with Portlander peculiar expletives :blush:
S’pose I’d better say welcome back Sean, incase he gets touchy, and starts trolling :frowning:
Welcome back Sean. :laughing:

Jaysen & Vic

Hello! Nice to be back, and to see that you’re both still posting here! When I hopped back on, I noticed that I’ve been a member here since 2007! Nine years of your shenanigans. Looking forward to more!


We are a bit less… obvious these day. Little mice are less present when the ship is crowded. But we we do come out to play… EVERYONE KNOWS!

In looking at the “member since time” you are the most mature of the trio. I am the newest. Vic-k is the confusedest. I think we can pick up right were we left off :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! That’s my only issue with Scriv, this thing that you have to remember to quit or you get all these messages that give you anxiety. :slight_smile: Quitter is just what I needed. Thanks so much!!!

Thanks for the pointer to Quitter.
I am looking for a Windows 10 tool that does the same trick with ScrivWin.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Franz

Sorry, Franz, I have no idea.

No problem, Sean. Thanks anyways.
A search through Google didn’t bring any reasonable solution, either.