Quoation mark woes

Hi there. I am new to scrivener (well, I used Scriv 1 over a decade ago, but newish) and I seem to be having a majorly annoying but with the quotation marks. My settings are to use smart quotes, but I keep running into a problem where where I get a mix of curly and straight quotes, sometimes within the same sentence. It seems to be more prevalent with single quotes inside of words, but happens at the end of words as well. (screen shots available upon request). I have noticed that scrivener never auto-applies the smart quotes correctly after an em dash and that’s a bit irksome, but this mix and match approach is just driving me batty. Any help would be appreciated.


Might be related to this.

Related maybe, but a whole new level of annoying problem. I went back to edit a document I’d written a few days ago and every single and double quote mark was a straight for about a half hour before it switched back to curly for not apparent reason. I’m completely stumped.