Quotation Formatting

If this topic has been raised anywhere else on the forum I’ve been unable to find it. :open_mouth:

So here’s the deal. When I’m doing conversations in Full Screen mode, my quotations are rich-formatted. They look really good.

When I’m not in full-screen mode and I write a scene with dialogue the quotations are not rich-formatted and don’t look good. And this shows up when I compile for print.

Is there some way of making all the quotations rich-formatted across the entire document in one or two strokes of commands? Am I missing something? I can’t find it in the compile settings either.

Crossing my fingers! :neutral_face:

Hmm, there shouldn’t be any different between standard window, Full Screen or even Composition Mode. They all use the same text editor and at no point in the software does the main text editor become plain-text. But I might be confused about what you mean. I’m not sure what would be the distinguishing characteristic of a piece of conversation with rich text vs. one without rich text—or I mean to say, what particular aspects of font, paragraph layout or typography are you referring to? Could you post an A/B screenshot showing what you get in one mode vs. the other?