Quotation Marks with Chinese


I have a long problem with the quotation marks when I type in Chinese.
Scrivener recognizes whether it is the beginning or the end of a quotation when I type the quotation mark. This is great when I type in English. If I’m correct, this is accomplished by detecting whether a space is right before the mark.

But Chinese does not work in that way. There is no space in anywhere between words or sentences. So every time when I start a quote, the quotation mark I type appear to be the ending quotation mark. I have to type a space, then type the quotation mark, then go back to delete the space. This is annoying after many times.

I could disable the “smart quotes” in settings. But Chinese does use only the smart quotes in writings!

Any suggestion or solution is appreciated!



Scrivener uses Apple’s standard smart quotes, so the code that detects and changes the smart quotes is in fact Apple’s. Do you see the same problem in apps such as TextEdit and Pages?

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Hello Keith,

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t use TextEdit or Pages. I just tried in TextEdit. Yes, I do see the same problem.

Looks like the problem will not be solved. Apple has poor performance when it deals with Chinese.


Hi, I don’t know what keyboard layout you have, but if it is the Apple standard International layout, then you can type as follows.

“ (open typographer’s double quote): Cmd [
” (close typographer’s double quote): Cmd {
‘ (open typographer’s single quote): Cmd ]
’ (close typographer’s single quote): Cmd }

These work while using the basic pinyin entry system; I don’t use any of the other systems so don’t know if they would work with them.

Hope that helps.