Quotations marks help


I have a question about this wonderfull piece of software.

I don’t know if quotation mark is the right word for it, but what I mean in my question’s are basicly the comma’s used in front and at the end of the words someone says.

When I use them in Scrivener, the quotation mark starts at the bottom of the phrase and ends at top.
Is there a way to let it start on top also? So that you will get this ‘Hello, my name is Bill’ said Bill.

thank you for the help


I think you are talking about smart quotes, in which case it sounds as though you may have your system preferences set up to use a different language for its smart quotes. Try going to your System Preferences… (from the Apple menu), select “Language & Text”, and click on the “Text” tab. There you can set up what sort of smart quotes should be used:

Hope that helps - if that’s not what you mean, let me know, though.

All the best,

Thanks. That worked. I never had this before, but I forgot I just cleaned out my language files today. I think the app also resetted it. So I thought it was the software.

Thank you!