Quotes bug

I don’t know if this was intentional, but it bugs the hell out of me and I can’t find a way to change it or turn it off, which is in itself a problem.

When I want to start a quotation, the quotation marks don’t appear until I’ve typed the next character. I type quickly, but I type according to what I see on the screen, so I’ll either get lots of “”"" or a heaping ton of frustration. Also, when I type some letters, I get an umlaut instead: SHIFT, ', and A gives me and umlaut A (an A with two dots over it), for example.

Once again, I visiting the Special Characters section, as well as going to EDIT–> OPTIONS–>AUTO CORRECTION–> SUBSTITUTIONS, but that didn’t fix it.

Please take this feature out/fix this bug/give us a way to turn it off!

It sounds like you have switched to a different keyboard layout by accident, e.g. US International does this sort of thing to make it easier to enter accented characters. Not sure which version of Windows you’re on, but you may be able to check just from your task bar if you see the little keyboard icon in the bottom right–clicking there should show you which keyboard layout you’re using. The full options will be somewhere in Control Panel under Language–for Win 7, it’s under the Clock, Language, Region\Region and Language\Keyboard and Languages.

The default shortcut for switching keyboard layouts is usually Ctrl-Shift, so if you have installed a few keyboards you may have switched without noticing when trying to use a Scrivener shortcut that involved Ctrl-Shift if there was a delay between typing those modifier keys and the letter.

The reason I think it’s a glitch in Scrivener is that the same glitch doesn’t apply to any other program. Word, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Skype-- my typing is completely unaffected in any of them.

I should’ve explained, the keyboard layouts can apply per application, so if you turned on an International or Extended layout while in Scrivener (which could’ve happened when attempting to use a shortcut, or just by accidentally hitting the shortcut keys), it wouldn’t necessarily be turned on for your other programs. If you go into the Control Panel and turn on the keyboard settings so that you can see your keyboard language and layout in the task bar or floating on the screen, you’ll be able to see what the settings are when you’ve got Scrivener in focus and then reset them from there if that is the problem. If you don’t need the extra layouts, you can also just disable them system-wide so you don’t accidentally switch again (you can always re-enable them later).

It’s possible of course there’s some other bug, but what you describe does sound exactly like that, and I’ve never heard of this otherwise, so I’d just like to at least eliminate that as a possibility. If you could let me know the Windows version you’re running and what keyboard language and layout you are using in Scrivener–even if it’s the correct one for you–that would help figure this out if there’s some other problem.