Quotes in NoMo 2.0 - What should I do?


I’m used to working in the Optima font, and had 1.54 configured so that my quotes were all single, and straight. IE they were not angled left or right. The apostrophe was the same. EG in the line:

‘I’m right.’ Said Fred.

All the quotes and apostrophes looked the same. I quite liked it like this.

Now in 2.0, I’ve got the quotes working how they were, but apostrophe’s are forward slanting.

How is it best to have things configured? I don’t really mind angled quotes or angled apostrophes. In 1.54 I just had it all configured so it looked right no matter what I copy and pasted from where.

If my newly typed apostrophe’s are going to be different to my legacy ones, it looks like I can convert the old ones using the Format / Convert options. But it’s a one way process.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to configure how the smart apostrophe is working. Am I right?

Turn off smart quotes?

The simple solutions are always the best. Thanks again.