Quotes in the margin; comments at bottom of page

Two things I can’t find in manual or on-line.

  1. How to put a quotation or note in the margin next to where it is referenced. (It’s just a few sentences). (I don’t imagine you can do a “pull quote” in Scrivener but I don’t need to do that anyway — just something in the margin.)

  2. How to add an * (asterisk) comment at the bottom of the page. In other words, I want to put an asterisk after a statement and then have a quotation or comment with an * at the bottom of the same page where the original * appears, not at the end of the document, like a footnote.


  1. There isn’t any support for placing text into custom boxes, like a margin note would require. If we could do that, we could probably do pull quotes. :slight_smile: There is support for RTF margin notes, but those are comments, which won’t print out, so I doubt that will be of much use.
  2. Just use the regular footnote feature. One needn’t use numbers for footnotes. When you compile, go into the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane and use the Footnote format drop-down button to select the symbol set instead of numerals.