Quotes Sciv 3 macOS

Hi All ,
I am struggling with the usage of quotes. I’m not sure of its Scriv or the os Which I turned off smart quotes from the os. OR Typinator or something else entirely. They are turned on in Scriv.
Here goes, I hold down shift and click a Quotation key… It creates the double quotes grabs the letter to the right and puts it between as I would expect. BUT then moves the curser back to the right of the second quote. Really screwing things up for me. I just went through the first 14 chapters using the linguistics that I just discovered today. Greatly helpful tool thank you.
Any suggetsions on the quotes issue would be gralty aappreciated.

Holding the Shift key on a standard Mac keyboard should create a double quote character – either smart or straight – and put the cursor to the right of it, just as the cursor goes to the right of any other character that you type.

If you’re seeing any other behavior – creating a pair of quotes with selected text between? – it’s not coming from Scrivener but from some other software.

I tested with TextEdit since it is the absolute most basic.
IT does not occur there. Quotes are created and the curser lands in the middle and stays there.
Which leaves me to believe it has something to do with Scrivener.

Scrivener doesn’t do that.

Neither does TextEdit on its own. This is from Typinator or some other keyboard extender.

What crazy person would use shift-quote as a macro trigger — thus making typing a simple double-quote mark impossible?! I can imagine co-opting option-quote for such a purpose, but shift-quote, no.

This sounds similar to a programming editor I use that automatically inserts the closing quote/bracket/brace/parenthesis when you type the opening one. If you have text selected and type the open whatever it will automagically enclose the selection with the appropriate characters. It can be both very helpful and very annoying depending on what you are trying to do.

Notebooks, which I really like, automatically puts in opening and closing quotes, parentheses, braces, brackets, etc. and puts the cursor in between them… which is fine except when you decide to put any of them round existing text!