Quot'n mark styles bound to project

I am working for different publishers that want (for reasons unknown to me, to be honest; it is just the script stage …) their own quotation mark styles in scripts. For example, one wants German, one American.

Now, instead of changing the global quotation style every time, is there a way to bind a quotation mark style to a specific project? Say, I want “” in one, and ”“ in the other.

If you are using Preference > Corrections > Use smart quotes to convert primes into quotation marks for you, I think these are tied to the OS X system settings, so I don’t think it is possible to bind different documents to different formats.

I imagine the answer would be to turn off smart quotes and to type the actual characters that your publishers want in order to bind them permanently to the document:

briarkitesme.com/2014/12/07/how- … ion-marks/

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Yes, unfortunately System Preferences only had a global setting, rather than something that can be changed per document or even application.

Another approach to keying them like any other character is to save it all for the end. Use straight quotes while writing, and then when you’re done, set up System Preferences as you need, and use the Format/Convert/Quotes to Smart Quotes menu command on a bulk Scrivenings session. That command will use whatever the current system preference is set to, for typography.