Radio Play template available

I’ve knocked up a quick radio play script template for Scrivener. Nothing fancy, just a version of the one I’ve used and the BBC have always been fine with - then again they’re pretty liberal about formatting as long as it’s clear.

It’s in the Scrivener folder at

(BTW is this the best way to link to the file? I haven’t done it before).


Works for me, save the fact that I have to tell OmniWeb to pretend that it’s Safari 3.11 for me to access iDisk in this way! The site insists on Safari 3.x or Firefox 1.04 … go figure.


Thanks for doing that, Matt. I’ve only had chance to have a quick look; I’m going to have a proper play on Thursday. But I’ve been wanting this for a while!

And I just wanted to say thank you again, Matt. I didn’t get round to testing it before now, as I was working on other, non-radio, projects; but I’m in the middle of using it now, and it’s exactly what I wanted!

Installers make me nervous. Am wondering why this is an installer application rather than just a scriv template file.


Because that’s how Keith recommends it’s done, and who am I to contradict?

Besides, I don’t think there’s any way to set up the Script settings, is there? Or to install the key logger.


Keith recommends that, eh? Hm. Well, okay. Thanks for the clarification. Just call me paranoid! --Greg

It has been written:


Sounds like just what I need. Unfortunately, I get an ‘Account invalid’ error when I take the link…

(I’m on Firefox 3.0.12, if that’s relevant)…

Mick Kelly

spinningdoc posted that link over a year ago, and the file is probably just not there anymore.

Scrivener’s current Extras Installer gives you a ‘BBC Radio Scene Style’ template – perhaps this is similar.


Thanks Greg - I hadn’t looked in the extras - that looks great.

It looks like the link is broken, but if anyone has a copy of this, I’d be very interested in getting ahold of it.

Oops. I stopped using .mac a while ago. I’ve attached the templates, and wait to incur Keith’s wrath.

I’m using the beta v2, so not sure if these will work on v1s…

Radio script.xml (6.29 KB)
radioplay2.xml (6.29 KB)
radioplaytemplate.xml (6.45 KB)

Hope these help.