radius rat: another Kindle ebook via Scrivener

Just uploaded my first ebook, radius rat, to the Amazon Kindle store:

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/radius-rat-ebook/dp/B0055IHH1W/

US: http://www.amazon.com/radius-rat-ebook/dp/B0055IHH1W

DE http://www.amazon.de/radius-rat-ebook/dp/B0055IHH1W


All in all, another wonderful piece of Scrivener functionality with a surprisingly shallow learning curve. In terms of difficulty, more like getting a working knowledge of MMD than getting to grips with Latex. The trickiest thing was working up the cover image – which is hardly a Scrivener issue.

Really MrGRuff! Is this suitable material to be introducing to the warped and criminally non-discerning miscreants, that comprises 95% of Scivener’s crew!? :open_mouth: It’s the kind of trash that appeals to His Obtuseness Vic-k. Not because he thinks it’s going to be a literary gem, but because: a( he thinks it’s going to be a gorefest, and B) he thinks that because he can read the sorry tale on both KIndle and Kindle PC. he’s getting one over on both you and Amazon, by getting one of the copies without paying for it.

I hope you are prepared to assume responsibility for the consequences of your irresponsible behaviour, MrGruff
Not impressed Fluff

Dear, kind, concerned Fluff (whose thoughts are always for others),

It is almost certainly the most suitable material ever written by a rat.

I would defy you to find more suitable material written by a rat, but defying goes against my gentle nature.

Yours, irenically,

MrGruff (whose thoughts are largely for himself)

P.S. I am sadly resigned to people reading the book on more than one device, but it is a small price to pay for them reading it on any device.

Oh dear MrGruff, tis a veritable, ‘Sword of Damocles’ situation for you, I fear.

The mutterings, coming from across the Writers Room, bode ill for you MrGruff.

His Naffness, is threatening to report you to the, Trading Standards Institute, for contravention of the Trade Description Act 1968.

Having downloaded, radius rat to his kindle, he’s skimmed through it. Modesty and common decency forbid verbatim recounting of the ensuing diatribe. What follows is, for the most part, my highly censorious reinterpretation.
“I say! There appears to be a dearth of gratuitous violence and gymnasticated fornication, In the Kindle edition of radius rat. I must have downloaded the expurgated version. I’ll check the PC version after a glass of the Holy Distillation. That’s probably the un-expurgated edition.”

The female human, left this morning for Graz in Austria. That means, MrGruff, that I am the only restraining/moderating influence in the house, albeit non-human. I could, if I so chose, circumvent my human’s determination to cause you annoyance, but we cats are such fickle creatures, and we female cats, even more so.

Hence the Damoclesian situation, MrGruff, the sword/your fate, hangs by a hair…a long…white…cat’s hair.

GoodLuck with radius rat MrGruff. :smiley:
P.S. I’m sure my human will calm down and see reason, once the anaesthetizing effect of the Holy Distillation kicks in.

Radius not knows gratuitous so Radius goes to Dictionary and learns. Gratuitous means get for nothing.

Now Radius not understands why vic-k wants mating and dying mammals for nothing.

Radius thinks vic-k wicked animal to want bad things. Then Radius thinks Fluff means vic-k drinks too much beer and has bad brain. Like Dad does on Sundays.

Radius thinks Fluff hides beer then vic-k better mammal in morning.

Radius stops.

Ahh little Radi. welcome to Scriv’s menagerie.

So does Fluff Good night Radi, don’t dream about snakes!

Radius thinks all day.

Radius not thinks any mammal as bad as Fluff says Vic-k bad.

Then Radius understands Vic-k only story Fluff tells. No Vic-k. No jam son. No fish. Only Fluff and computer.

Radius thinks Fluff clever mammal to make Vic-k.

Radius stops.

My Poor little rodent rebel,
I’m afraid, His Numptiness, is a sad but unavoidable fact of life. As you can see. :frowning:
Take care little fella
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Photo 42.jpg

for the benefit of those poor souls not in the know - middle photo, the picture on the shelf above the laptop… the person on the left is Vic taken a few years ago when he was in his naked aeroplane phase

Hey! Floss. Isn’t, ‘was’, past tense? :confused: