Ragged right on compiled versions?

Hi Guys,

I see this is a pretty old thread sooo… not sure if anyone will see this or not. But I appreciate any help I can get! I am having the same problem described by the OP. But with the added complication that I’ve already tried Amber’s fix, and it isn’t working.

I’m using Scrivener (Windows). When I compile a .MOBI file, then send it to my Kindle and open it, I get ragged right. I’ve already toggled all the justification options I can think of in the formatting settings under ‘Compile,’ including doing it just the way Amber described, and yet the yield is always the same: ragged right.

Any new suggestions? Anyone else having this trouble? Like the OP, I used to never encounter this with Scrivener. The free 30-day trial gave me full justification on all my compiled .MOBIs. Not sure why this has changed.


I’ve split your post to a new thread in the Windows technical support area. You were posting to ancient Mac threads.

That aside, the expectation is that one does not handle body text justification on a Kindle. Whether to display text ragged right or fully justified is up to the device and its firmware or the software reader. This is because older devices have no solid algorithms for justifying text, and would end up using the ugly hack you see on the Web—big gaps between words, poor hyphenation if any at all, etc. Newer Kindles are better, and they will justify text by default. At least, I found it impossible to get a ragged-right example in Kindle Previewer, no matter what settings I used in Scrivener for Windows or Mac.

Hi AmberV,

Thanks for the response!

I don’t quite feel this answers my specific quandry. My Kindle is showing ragged right on the files I am creating in Scrivener. It is not doing so on any other ebooks I purchase and read on it. Is it not therefore safe to assume something in my file is telling the device to interpret it as ragged right, or not fully justified? I want full justified. I want to get rid of the ragged right.

Thanks for the reply–I hope you can help!


All right, well if the compiler is setting the text alignment (something I don’t believe it should be doing, I’ll have to check and see if that is on the list of things to fix) then I suppose the most basic answer would be to make sure the text is fully justified when you compile, either in the original text, or by using the override formatting feature.

I suppose it might be worth mention that if you have “Compile As-Is” checked on documents, then by definition, override formatting isn’t going to touch the text in all such marked documents.

I’d also suggest it might be far easier to test using the “Preview” compile option rather than Mobi. It sounds like the problem is that your text isn’t justified in the first place. Being able to see whether your settings are working in a few seconds, rather than messing around with sending files to Kindles and etc., will greatly speed up that process.

Which Kindle model are testing with by the way?