Ralph McQuarrie

I only just found out that Ralph McQuarrie, the man behind much of the art of the original Star Wars films, and thus a huge influence on my mental landscapes as a kid and beyond, died on Saturday:

washingtonpost.com/local/obi … story.html

I can’t believe his passing didn’t get some decent coverage in the UK press; the visuals he created for those films (and others) has had a tremendous influence on popular culture over the past thirty years. I went to an exhibition at the Barbican a few years ago which had some of his original artwork from Star Wars on display, and I was just as captivated by the detail, the dustiness of the landscapes and the semi-art deco style of the technology as I was when I was seven.

Rest in peace, Mr McQuarrie, and thank you for having enriched my childhood.

He did make the BBC News website, and whilst I’m sorry to say that the story has now been bumped from the “entertainment” page by the latest gossip on reality tv stars, apparently his was one of the most popular stories read over the weekend.


For many of us, the visuals he created for Star Wars gave us our first jaw dropping moment while watching a movie. There cannot be many people working in movies or any form of SciFi that haven’t been influenced in some way by his vision, even if they don’t realise it.

One of the most abiding images of the SW series (well the first trilogy. I couldn’t buy into the later prequels), was, sitting with my daughters watching the first SW in the cinema (Big screen), and having my toes curled by Luke Skywalker’s Dam-Busters type bombing raid on the first death star.

What was almost as toe curling, was the realisation, many years later, that it was all done with out the aid of computer generated animation. One way or another, the visual treat that was/still is, Star Wars, was gifted to us by talented artists like, Ralph McQuarrie. Unsung maybe, but his legacy will endure.
May the force be with you Ralph.

tis sad. The org SW were amazing in their special effects, especially taking into consideration they are pre-cgi.

But it seems in this country in order to get a lot of press you need to be famous and also one of the following have to apply:

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Now that’s just wrong, Wock. :laughing:

Over the past few years, when asked by the female human, “Where’s that Darth thingy…, cos ******** would love it”, he’s lied through his back teeth, denying any knowledge of its whereabouts. He hides it!
But I know where he hides it. :smiling_imp:
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