Random Crashes


Just jumped on the Scrivener bandwagon today and unfortunately it’s not been smooth sailing. At random intervals (I cannot seem to discern any sort of pattern to it, or steps to easily reproduce this crash) the app crashes. I’ve attached the crash report below, it’s essentially identical every time.

Things I have tried:

  • Uninstalling the app completely (including the app support folder)
  • Repairing disk permissions
  • Running memtest
  • Checking my HDD
  • Removing ui.plist from the project
  • Starting a new project
  • Running it without any other apps running

At this point, I’m a little out of ideas. Suggestions?

Keith may chime in with better authority on the source of it, but to my quick skim this looks like a deeper-than-Scrivener bug that is crashing the application, rather than the application that is crashing. There is a lot of Core and AppKit stuff going on there; and I didn’t see any Scrivener methods in the trace. Potentially some add-on that is running in the background. I’d check the ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items folder. If it has contents, rename it temporarily and relog. ~/Library/InputManagers is another, though less common culprit as InputManagers have been deprecated for years. Likewise check in your top level Library folder on the boot disk as well. Rarely corrupted or out of date ColorPickers can crash things—but usually that only happens when you bring up the colour panel the first time, and you’d probably notice that pattern. Fonts are another thing to check. Try using Onyx to clean the cache files out and reboot.

A bit of a clean slate test (system library aside) is to make a test Mac account, log into that and see if the crashes happen there. If they don’t then it is probably a background process or add-on in your user library that is only running on demand or periodically. A slightly less vanilla test is to log into your account with the Shift key held down from the moment you submit your credentials until the system is done logging you in. This will inhibit all third-party background utilities from running (so no Dropbox or TextExpander or anything of that nature).

My guess, from a quick Google, is that the cause of this is the org.tigris.scfinderplugin that you have installed. For instance, over on the Quicksilver boards someone had an identical crash to yours and also had this plugin installed:


They report that removing the plugin fixed the crashing with Quicksilver. Someone else reported the same thing with MacVim:


Again, removing the SCRFinderPlugin fixed the issue. According to the Quicksilver boards, to remove the plugin properly:

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Likewise, I’ll see if that does the trick.