Random crashing

I have had more random crashes using Scrivener in the past three months or so than I’ve ever had in the past. Consistently, the crashes happen when I’m transitioning away from Scrivener, or around Scrivener, clicking from one app to another while a Scrivener project is open. So I never lose any work, but I have a general rising sense of the app’s increasing instability.

Please don’t let Scrivener become unreliable. Its stability has always been one of its greatest strengths.

Have you opened a support ticket?


Without more information about the crash, it’s impossible to say whether it’s even due to Scrivener’s code, much less whether it is a sign that Scrivener is “becoming unstable.”


Well, I try to send through the support reports that are triggered whenever it happens. My purpose wasn’t to ask for help, but to make a general statement of concern.

I understand, but it’s impossible for us to address your concern without more information.