Random double spacing cannot be undone

For some reason, in the middle of a chapter the line spacing suddenly switches to twice the normal width. I’ve erased and rewritten the line, checked the invisibles to make sure there are no funky hidden returns, tried different spacing throughout the document but still, nothing. No matter what I set the line spacing to, the spacing between two cursed lines remains double that of their neighbors. This is making me nzuts.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I admit I really don’t have any good ideas as to why this is happening. Does your text in that line include a superscript (or the line above a subscript)? That would adjust the spacing for a single line only. Try selecting the line and choosing Format>Font>Baseline>Use Default. Does that do anything?

To clarify a couple other points then–You’re working in a single document, not in a Scrivenings session? Unless you alter the default settings, Scrivenings mode uses a line to separate documents and includes extra spacing on either side of the line that you can’t delete.

Also, is this just one line that gets different spacing (and the rest of the paragraph is normal) or is it a new paragraph and from here on out the spacing is different? When you say that you “tried different spacing throughout the document,” did you select all the text and adjust the spacing? Is everything except the spacing the same? ie the font and font size haven’t changed?

Do you have any inline images? They shouldn’t be immune to altering the spacing, but maybe something’s going on with that.

Another thing to try, if you haven’t, is converting the whole document back to the default formatting, via Document>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style.

This sounds as though the paragraph spacing for that paragraph was set to double. Check Format > Text > Spacing… for that paragraph.

Thank you, MimeticMouton! The first adjustment you suggested was just the ticket. Phew.

Huzzah. Glad to help.