Random Duplication in Outline View

I’m not sure how to reproduce this bug because it seems to be happening randomly. What happens is that after I enter text in the synopsis column for a text in outline view and hit return, the entry (text) gets duplicated. It doesn’t happen every time I do this, so it appears to be random. The number of duplications vary from one to at least ten. It’s not a big problem, since I can just delete the duplicates, but it’s annoying.

What I did to make this happen was:

  1. I create a new folder in the binder and set the folder to outline view.
  2. In outline view I add a new text, and write a title for that text (I only have the title and synopsis columns enabled in outline view).
  3. Since I typically use the same title for many entries in outline view, I then mark the text in outline view and hit Shift-Command-D (simple duplication) to save myself from having to write the same title over and over.
  4. From time to time as I add text to the synopsis column and hit return, that entry gets duplicated one or more times.

Nothing is showing up in Console.app as far as I can tell.


I’ve never heard of anything like this happening and can’t reproduce it after a simple text. Return in the outliner by default is set to add a new item, but that shouldn’t have the same synopsis or text. And I can’t imagine anything internally that would duplicate an item without your having hit a key to request it. Are the items real and not just a drawing problem? You say you have to delete them, so I assume so.

If you can find a sequence of steps that always causes this to happen, that would be really helpful.

Thanks and all the best,