Random files occasionally blank after syncing to Windows

I’m not entirely sure whether this should go under iOS or under Windows, because I have no idea which end is doing it. I’m also not sure whether I should post this here or in Bug Hunt.

I usually discover the blank files on Windows, but that’s likely just because the icon for a blank file is different than one with text in Windows, so they’re easier to spot than on iOS where I have to actually open them to find out.

I started using Scrivener on Windows a couple years ago, and some time thereafter expanded to the iOS app as well. Sync is all set up, everything is there on both devices. But occasionally, I’ll open a folder and a file will be totally blank, when I know it had text in it before. I try and remember to snapshot everything as a hedge against it (and I deeply wish there was a way to just generate a snapshot on every file to make sure I didn’t forget any, and that I could snapshot on iOS), and I make frequent backups, but sometimes that’s inexplicably not enough and things are just gone. (I just discovered one of those, and it’s in a section I hadn’t been working in for a while, so I can’t even remember exactly what was in it, other than something. I figured out the filename of this one, and the file itself doesn’t even exist in any of my backups–numbers skip right over it. So that’s also confusing/concerning.)

I have absolutely no idea what pattern there might be in these events or how to reproduce this. Scrivener is useful enough to me that I keep using it anyway, but this is really not an ideal thing that keeps happening.