Random full screen freeze

Hi there,

for quite some time I have a persistent problem with the latest version of Scrivener (App Store version). I use Scrivener to write screenplays using the screenplay format and what I really like about the program is it’s full screen mode. But often when I jump from one text to another using the binder (either in the same folder or another) Scrivener freezes and I have to force quit the application. I can’t remember losing anything I had written (auto save is really cool) but the crashes are annoying. This happens only in full screen mode!

Actually I was hoping this would be a known bug that was to be fixed with the next version, but since the last update this month didn’t bring any changes, I am looking now for help.

I am running OS X 10.8.2. (German language) on a MBP 13" 2.0GHz. When I was searching for a solution via Google or here in the forums I couldn’t find anyone running into a similar problem so I guess it has to be a specific problem with my configuration.

If anyone experienced this problem before or can offer some help, I’d really appreciate it.


Try running Console in the background for a while and see if any error messages from Scrivener pop up when the freeze happens. You can find that by using the Go menu in Finder, and double-click the “Console” icon. That just shows all system messages by default, so you’ll get a bunch of clutter depending on how much stuff you are running. Fortunately it is all timestamped, so if you make note of the time when the program freezes and then jump over to Console, hopefully there will be something relevant to paste.

Thanks for the reply. I found a report in the Console app, but honestly I can’t understand any of the information written in there in in there. Here’s the file: dl.dropbox.com/u/89851/Scrivene … Plume.hang

And this is what the Console said during the time the freeze happend:

Is this of any help to you?

Thanks in advance!

The console wasn’t informative (it basically just said the program quit), and it seems you run a pretty clean system from the trace log file. The only thing I did spot was a slightly old version of Virtual Box (4.2.8). The latest is 4.2.10, so you might try updating that since it does insert a kernel extension into the system. And while you’re at it, try logging out of your account and then back in with the Shift key held down. Just keep it held down from the moment after clicking the login button, to when it is fully logged in. That will disable any background processes (like Dropbox and so on), just to make sure we aren’t looking at a conflict here.

I tried logging out and in again without any programs running: same result. I jump between scenes in the binder and then at some point (not depending on which scene I clicked on) Scrivener freezes.

This is what the Console said:

And there is the new hang-file:
dl.dropbox.com/u/89851/Scrivene … Plume.hang

Any more ideas? Should I write an email to support?

Thanks! I’m checking with Keith to see if he has any ideas.

That’s not necessary. :slight_smile: This is support, and this issue would likely just get escalated to me again over in the e-mail system.

Thank you! If you need any more details on my configuration, just let me know.

Edit: I just updated to 2.4.1 via App Store and tried again jumping from one scene to another. Everything seems a bit faster to me and more reliable. I was trying for two minutes and Scrivener is still running. Chances are that 2.4.1 already fixed whatever was causing the hangups. If I experience the problem again, I’ll let you know. Thank you very much for now!

That’s great to hear! I’m sorry I hadn’t had a chance to follow up on this. One of things we did think to suggest was to try running the direct-sale version for a while and see if that resolved the crashes. But if the update fixed the issue for you—it was potentially just a problem with the specific download you acquired. Sometimes software can be damaged. It’s a known problem with the OS X system in that software can get corrupted when it is launched. So that may have been all it was, and with the update you just got a clean version this time around, rather than “fix” per se.