Random Hangs and Crashes

Alright, so this his been something that’s been afflicting me for a few years now and I’ve changed Wine versions and Distros. But for some reason moments after Scrivener starts (sometimes) it will hang and then crash. It’s done it a few times tonight and I started Scrivener via WINEPREFIX="/home/`whoami`/.local/share/wineprefixes/Scrivener" wine scrivener

I messed around in the interface for a bit until it crashed and provided me with this output which I sent to my gists on Github.

gist.github.com/HenrickTheBull/ … 643cd248ca

Is this just because I have a multi-monitor setup?

It looks like something is going wrong with the online authentication. I’m not very fond of the .NET cruft they’ve crammed in to accomplish that, I’ve not found it stable in Linux, and it takes up a lot of space just to add the .NET stuff to the wineprefix, but it’s usually not quite this unstable in my experience.

A few things to check. You’re running the 32 bit version, it looks like? I don’t think that matters, but I have only tested the 64 bit version, and have not seen this.

Do you have .NET 4.62 installed in the wineprefix? It’s a mess to install, but not difficult, just a lot of waiting and clicking through stuff.

It could, in theory, be related to dual display adapters if you have that. Not sure at all how the .NET parts will handle that. But I do not know enough of the specifics in the patches to handle that to be able to say more offhand.

I’m running a 64-bit prefix, I have .NET 4.6.2 installed. I’ve discovered if I let Scrivener sit for about 10/15 minutes it doesn’t have this issue. I managed to get it to activate.

Though sometimes if I open a window like Update or About it can also suddenly hang. Not all the time, and if I let it sit with a project open for some time then it won’t crash like that either. It’s been doing this quite predictably for about 4 years for me.

Just a note my laptop also does the same thing with sudden hangs and what not. It’s pretty reliable in just crashing on everything I own across different Distros and WIne Versions.