Random insert from Onenote into Scrivener page

Can’t figure this one: I open a new Scrivener text/item using the green + icon and it automatically inserts what appears to be random full page of text from Onenote folder that is currently open. The Onenote text that is inserted, I find, has been reformatted as strikethrough.

It’s obvious that my procedures have something to do with it, but I can’t figure what I’ve got set up to cause it do what it’s doing. Here is the procedure i"m using:

In Onenote, I select text, copy it [ctrl-c], and then strikethru (to indicate that it’s moved into Scrivener) I then go to Scrivener, then open binder page and paste the copied text [ctrl-v]. All works fine if I’m inserting the text into an existing Scrivener page. However, if I choose to open a new item in Scrivener, the new item [by highlighting an existing page and hitting the green + icon], on occasion, it will open and automatically insert random, never-selected text from a fullpage of the Onenote file into the just-opened new page in Scrivener. The text that I have copied does not appear, and should not, because I haven’t told it to paste anything. Then, strangely, I find that the just-inserted Onenote text has been reformatted as strikethrough – in Onenote… Scrivener seems to be carrying over commands from a previous copy-insert action, but finds a random unwanted selection of OneNote text and somehow reformats it in Onenote.

Anybody got a hint as to what’s going on? And, more importantly, how to get it to stop doing that? Thanks.