Random lines appearing in the editor window

I am getting random lines when selecting text or even when clicking in a new line on the editor window.

Please see attached screenshot.

This is happening on the latest version of Scrivener and PowerPC dual G5 OSX 10.5.8, please help this issue is distracting and annoying please see screenshot below.

This text engine bug (which isn’t something that can be easily fixed in Scrivener as it goes deeper than that, into the OS) can be avoided by trying different text zoom settings. 100% should never see this bug happening, but you might find a zoom setting around your preference that works better.

AmberV, thanks for the quick response, this happens at any zoom level except 100%, my problem is that 100% is to small even with a font size 14 due to my 1920x1080 resolution. But I suppose I could either increase font size or lower the resolution of my monitor as to avoid using the zoom feature.

Yeah, that’s what I do (increase the font size; reducing monitor resolution makes things blurry on modern flat panels). Since one can clean up fonts later on with the compiler, it’s no big deal to just run at a comfortable setting. If you have most everything else formatted the way you want, you can tell the compiler to only change the font itself, which is handy for this type of thing.