Random Page Breaks in Compile

I’m using Scrivener 3 for my dissertation using APA format. When I compile to PDF, there are random page breaks that turn up in the PDF.

There are no hidden breaks in the editor that I can find. I’ve looked at both the separator options and the editor options and can’t find anything that would cause random page breaks.

I’ve been having to compile to Word and then manually fix all the page breaks when I’ve had to submit specific sections. But the longer the final document gets, the more cumbersome this becomes. Any help is appreciated.

Are you applying Keep with Next to any of these paragraphs, either in the editor or in Compile? It may be that whole paragraphs are getting moved down to respect the KWN setting if so.

All the best,

Thank you, Keith. I checked the Format>Paragraph settings and the KWN is set to off for the paragraphs in question. I don’t see a KWN setting in the Compile menu, though, if that’s different.


Something else I would try is disabling Avoid widows and orphans in the Text Layout compile format pane. Perhaps you are hitting an edge case with that which isn’t working in an optimum fashion.

Thank you. Unfortunately, I tried that and it didn’t change anything on the compiled PDF. I also checked the Page Settings and PDF Settings to see if anything there would do it, but I didn’t find anything.