Random Ponderings

After being amazed by the amount of positive feedback left for this program, I downloaded it for a test drive. Within a week I paid my registration fee, imported my current book, and now I’m writing away in Scrivenger as pleased as can be. I can see a few feature requests I had in mind were already mentioned (e.g. copying documents or folders), but here are a few other random ideas.

Edit: Upon reading I see this feature exists. I would make my request to add ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Copy’ to the contextual menu when right-clicking on a list item.

(I did read that the most excellent author is likely writing at this point, rather than coding.)

  1. A small addition. I would be thrilled if it was possible to split pages in the full screen mode. A minor addition to solve a minor inconvenience.

  2. Newly created documents inherit properties from either the copied style or from the currently active document. A lack of this feature is the primary reason for my frequent use of splitting pages. (I write in a larger font size because I dislike the spacing applied when I zoom into text—something I’m not going to worry about because I imagine it is a limitation of OSX, rather than the program.)

  3. Here’s one of those, “Wouldn’t that be cool?â€

Hi James, and thanks for your kind words about Scrivener.

This is on my list of “possibles” for the future; I’m not sure how essential it is, though, given that you can use the keyboard shortcut (cmd-D) much more easily than the contextual menu.

I wish… Half term and I have bloomin’ jury service!

Not quite sure what you mean. You can split text documents using Split at Selection etc whilst in full screen, if this is what you mean. If you mean that you would like to view more than one document in full screen, then I am afraid that this is something that is unlikely to happen any time soon, as the main interface is intended for comparing documents etc whilst full screen is intended for composition. This is probably a 2.0 request. :slight_smile:

Have you set up your Preferences so that new documents are created using the style you desire? And remember that you can also use Styles from the ruler (cmd-R), too.

3) Here’s one of those, “Wouldn’t that be cool?â€

As an aside, much of the woe we’ve had in the past years since OS X released, related to operating system upgrades breaking everything left and right – should be mitigated. At least, from what I understand, much of the Tiger release was about locking down the internal API and making it more forward compatible. So, if they stick to their word, Leopard should not be as bad this time around.

It is Apple though, so we’ll see.

Thank you very much for your reply, Keith. And let me say ‘thank you’ again, for all your hard work, before I reply. It might make you happy to know that I’m the sort of person who uses Macintosh because it is the only platform that has been routinely able to deliver a pristine peerless experience for me. On Macintosh I sometimes come across wonderful programs that are just a pleasure to use, just like the platform, and for me Scrivener is one of them. A firm equipped with a team of engineers and researchers would be unlikely to produce something half as good.

Having the keyboard shortcut is enough for me. In fact, as soon as I figure them out, I use keyboard shortcuts exclusively. If you are interested in general feedback, though, this is the sort of thing that would improve the usability of Scrivener a fair bit—keyboard shortcuts aren’t so intuitive for many users, and many writers don’t spend as much time focusing on computer and application usage as some other demographics.

In general, I would imagine common tasks should appear in contextual menus just to help people along the way. I noticed another instance along these same lines. I believe a poster requested the ability to apply changes to multiple documents (documents inside a Scrivener document) simultaneously. A reply was given stating that it was indeed possible, but I don’t remember the suggesting being particularly intuitive.

In the end I suppose it comes down to the writing vs. coding dilemma—one I understand completely. If I didn’t hold a similar principle close to my own heart I wouldn’t get much writing done. But if you are interested, these are the sort of things many of your new users would certainly appreciate.

Haha. Just follow rule #1. Write, write, write…

You hit it on the head with your first guess. I didn’t find ‘Split at Selection’ in the fullscreen mode, using the contextual menu, thus the request. I even double-checked before posting! Is it in a file menu? (I’m not writing at the moment—I use my laptop for that). Or am I somehow missing it in the contextual menu? :slight_smile:

As for the second guess: editing two documents simultaneously in fullscreen mode, that is actually a feature I couldn’t bring myself to ask for. For what this lone voice amidst dozens or hundreds counts, I say keep fullscreen mode simple, stable, consistent and reliable. If dual documents in fullscreen mode would be useful it would be side-by-side for use on high resolution monitors. I imagine there would be dozens of other potentially better features to focus on.

Excellent. Preferences is the perfect place for this. My only suggestion, then, would be to poll or research among your users to see if that is a feature they would like to have enabled by default.

As for me, I’m still familiarizing myself with the program in these areas. After I imported my book and figured out the features most relevant to my writing, I stopped researching and digging through the program and I‘ve been doing nothing but writing while I have it launched. I’ll browse the preferences and menus again.

Can’t blame you on this call. After I posted it I wondered how much dedicated time a feature like this would take, and how hard it would be to code the real-time checking and highlighting.

I lost JunkMailMatcher and a few others with past updates. I miss them dearly! Because Scrivener seems to rely extensively on Apple code libraries (a good thing, in my eyes) I doubted this would be a big issue. I’m also the sort of person that buys the updates early after release.

Hah… I was thinking about that the other day. The text zooming annoyance I mentioned earlier, for example. I was hoping for a fix on that from Apple so it would carry over to Scrivener and some other programs I use. And this is the reason why I’m also happy when a developer makes use of the Apple code libraries.