Random Reactivation

I’m almost positive this has been posted before but I figured one more time couldn’t hurt. Scrivener will choose random startups to tell me it hasn’t been activated and contact the eSellerate servers again. It’s not that it disables me from using the program, but after about 4 or 5 times it is quite annoying.


If you can’t access the internet for some reason to activate, then go through the manual activation process. This will give you a number that you can take to a machine that is connected to the internet, so that you can generate an activation number and enter it into Scrivener. Scrivener needs to be activated to get rid of this message. As you note, you can continue to use the software without activating, but you will continue to see this message until you do.

(As this is not a bug, I’m moving this to Tech Support.)

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Actually it is. Or I believe it would be classified as one. It has been activated since I got it. It just chooses random times to deactivate and reactivate itself.