Random shut downs and zero word count

I’ve been using various Beta versions for a while now and only really had one issue before the latest which seems to have been resolved.

However, the latest version is closing down randomly (I had two different Scriv files open) and upon reopening in showing a zero word count on the file I’ve been writing in, despite there being 752 words when they are all selected.

I have also noted that when I have copied my writing (cuttings from a scene that I liked, but not in that particular scene) and pasted it into a document in the trash section, that the word count hasn’t updated. It says there are 350 words in that document when there are actually 1,283, Another scene also has a word count issue with 2,542 showing as the count but- 2551 when highlighted.

It is definitely something from this update causing it as these are the only scenes I’ve written since the latest update. The others written on the previous are all showing matching figures.

Okay, I just continued to work after posting this error, and it appears there’s another problem with the word count; it has almost doubled the session target word count.

As soon as I went back to writing (I had come here to report the random shut down and the immediate 0 word count I was now seeing) and I wrote a single word, it popped up the session target had been achieved when I knew it hadn’t.

it doesn’t, however, appear to affect to affect the total word count.

I know this bug has appeared before - it was actually the one I mentioned reporting in an earlier version and it since being fixed. The Irony - and frustration. I feel for you guys!