random sort


one of my book is a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) and i have about 800 entries.
i would really like to sort the entries randomly!

How about this:

Using the tool of your choice, create a list of 800-1000 random numbers in a text file. One number per line, with a delimiter like ‘#’ between lines.

Use the Import and Split command to import this file into Scrivener. You should get 800 individual files, each with a number as its title, in random order.

Save this project as a template. Create new CYOA projects from it as needed. When you’re ready, use the Outliner to sort by the Title field, and drag the resulting order back to the Binder to sort the actual project structure.


well… i would prefer to add a csutom emtadata “order” and fill it by random number… much faster than your idea.
but it’s not nice either…
it seems strange that there isn’t any “sort” command on folders, to sort their content… would be much easier!

thank you anyway!

You can sort whatever is in the Outline view by whatever column you choose.