Random Split Screen

Something more to one of two subjects already mentioned in the Beta 1.4 bugs:

  1. My cursor disappeared (nothing new for this one; maybe next time)
  2. I wanted my cursor back, so I closed the application
  3. New start (on corkboard, as in my settings)
  4. Scrivening button was set to “single file” when project opened
  5. This is always the case for me (looks like a condition) when window splits. When “scrivening” button is there, window does never split in my case (Win7)
  6. I clicked on that “single file” button (expecting the window to split, as this has each time been the same in that particular case)
  7. Window split

This occurs only at opening a project. Later on, I’ve never noticed it.
When it happens, the split buttons do not show a return option to single pane, but only the two split buttons (vertical and horizontal).
This is always the case when all this happens.

One click on the right button (where the single pane button should be) turns the expected button on.
A second click on this button does the expected and returns to single pane.

Hope this can help.

Well, in the end, it will maybe not help much.
After a new launch of the program, I just had this with “multiple files” visible on the button.
I clicked “show text view” and had the window split.