Randomly Disappearing Images

I am experiencing which is incredibly frustrating. As I click between different documents, the images in them disappear. When I compile the document to PDF, RTF, or Doc, images randomly aren’t in the document. It is non-deterministic. If I close and reopen the project, it is a different set of images which are missing and some of those which were previously missing now mysteriously appear.

I am using version

After a little more testing, it isn’t random after all. It seems as though I can click through each document in any order until I have displayed about 25 images, then images will not appear in the editor.
Furthermore, when compiling, after the 25th image, the images will no longer appear in the output document.

Hi, and welcome to the forums. (And thank you for your username–glad you’re not into the whole brevity thing!) This definitely sounds like a bug. Unfortunately, at the moment all development effort is going into the new version, numbered 3.0, which is in very advanced beta. Hopefully it’s working right there; but I doubt if they’ll go back and fix this in 1.9.16, at least not until v. 3 is fully out and its final bugs have been vaporized. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I hope you can find a workaround, or that someone who’s more familiar with compiling than I am can suggest one.

Good news! Thanks to your suggestion I no longer encountered the issue where the images would not appear in the beta build. However, I did encounter a different issue where only 6 of the 21 pages of the document would appear in the PDF output when compiling. I switched to docx output and it compiled perfectly.