Rant: Please Help me!!!

I can’t write. (You are all writers, right? You know how serious this is…)

NaNoWriMo is coming and I can’t access any of my Scrivener Files because I can’t successfully install Scrivener 3.

No one has responded to my post. And frankly, I need some kind of next step to try and solve this or I will go mad. Yes, crazy. Screaming, jumping up and down crazy. My spouse has left the building because all I do is yell. And he is my admin (very nerdy guy) and my best friend and he doesn’t deserve to watch me melt down over this.

Here is the topic: Installer Payload Initialization failed

Even if you don’t know what is wrong, can someone please respond and offer your 2 cents on any and all next steps to figuring this out.

Thank you.

I have moved your original post to the beta forum, as your issue involves the beta version of Scrivener.

Less than 24 hours elapsed between your original post and this one.


Thanks Katherine. It turned out to be a corrupted windows 10 profile. I will post that in the other post.

It was 24 hours here, 4 days on my side. Turns out my patience has a ‘use by’ date of about 4 days.

Thank you for your response and care.

Robin M Powers