Rather than pay fines...

telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ … ombat.html

If the DMV over there is like here, I’d say waiting in line is ordeal enough.

Adds a whole new perspective to ‘Bury St Edmunds’, doesn’t it?

I’d pay his fine just to see that battle.

I just want to see any bureaucratic government agency [size=120]Produce a Champion[/size].

Err… :wink:

Yes, but Internet is pasty, rarely works out, and considers replica Klingon swords to be suitable in a fight.

they would probably need a committee to form a focus group to do a study on the impact of just producing something.

Now if you could convince them that said champion would produce nothing, increase wait times, ruin productivity, and bring productiveness to a halt then they would have a champion tomorrow!

I’m sure there are plenty, who’ve made their own fully-functional Klingon sword replicas. I’m not entirely sure I’d want to meet any of them, unless in a public place…