Of course, in a sense the status setting for each document is a form of ratings its quality – at least in its default state. In general, it can be assumed that “Final” is better off than “First Draft,” for example. However, there are times where a second axis for determining writing quality would be desired.

I thought for a while on what I could do to implement some sort of rating system without asking for another meta-data column. While it has one important limitation, I think I have a solution. Keywords.

Create a “Quality” section in the HUD, and then add five keywords, each with an ascending number of stars. “", "", "” and so on. Using this, you can find everything that you have rated as three stars with the filter button. But, that is extremely limited, and defeats the purpose of using ascending symbols. The primary reason for doing it this way, is that if you search for say, “***” in the search bar, you will not only get three star documents, but four and five star documents, because a strand of three stars is contained within a strand of four or five.

So, obviously, the single limitation is that you cannot search for “**” or less. You can only search for greater than or equal to.