Raving And Requesting

Since discovering Scrivener around two weeks ago, my productivity has gone through the roof. Previously it was just lying around on the floor, scowling at me :slight_smile: . I am totally unmotivated when it comes to writing, even though I need to do it for business purposes and the alternative means paying somebody else to do it for me. I’ve known for a while the kind of software environment that would probably get me into ‘the zone’ and have been looking for it for ages.

All I wanted was something with a tree view down one side so that I could see what I’d done and what still needed doing, and a word count facility. You would be surprised how tall this little order seemed when I started looking for a suitable Windows programme, so to finally encounter Scrivener and discover that not only did it meet my initial requirements, but that it would also let me set productivity targets and even let me split the screen so that I could see my research documents without flicking between windows… Christmas has come early here.

All that, and loads of other useful little features too. I look at the thousands and thousands of words I’ve written in the last two weeks and can’t believe it. I can’t rave about Scrivener enough, and will be one of the first in the scrum to pay for the Windows version when it comes out of beta.

Apart from the dodgy drag and drop mechanism in the binder, which I believe has already been addressed, my one little niggle with the programme is not being able to access the ‘Select All’ command by right-clicking with the mouse. I’ve been right-clicking to select all and then to copy and paste for so long now that it’s become automatic, and so right-clicking and not finding ‘Select All’ there kind of takes me out of the flow. ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ are there, but they’re kind of redundant if you have to go up to the ‘Edit’ menu first if you want to select everything. Tragic isn’t it? I’m so lazy that even keyboard shortcuts are too much like hard work for me :blush:

Huge thanks to the Scrivener crew for making the product available for Windows. It’s already proving to be a real game-changer here :smiley: