Raw latex through pdflatex

I suspect this is a trivial question, but I couldn’t solve it even after digging through the forums. I’m happy writing in raw/plain latex, and don’t need/want to use any markdown features right now. I am able to compile my scrivener latex file (which has all the latex boilerplate in it) to a plain .tex file and then compile it to pdf external to scrivener. The process is pretty straightforward, but it seems like there should be a way to just take raw compilable latex and just have scrivener run pdflatex on it rather than saving it to tex first. Again, I’m sorry if this is in the manual, but I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Thank you!

I found a solution, but will answer my post here so that someone else can find it.
I copied the post-processing script from the general-non-fiction/latex project. To do that, I just opened a new project with that template, then read through the settings in the post-processing section of the plain-text compile section, and rewrote them into my own projects compile format for plain text.

I’ve developed a python script to enable my ideal workflow, which is press ⇧⌘S and see the result in preview. I’ve posted my script and description at:


Hope this helps!

Thanks for posting the tips and links to your workflow! The processing pane can save you a lot of time over the years. :slight_smile: